Photograph of Becka deHaan sitting at a piano
Wet Wet World
Copyright © 2012, revised 2017 Becka deHaan

Here it comes, another Monday storm;
Showing up on the radar, so it’s true;
Showing up in just enough time to warn:
Gotta get your pets in, two by two.
The sky is set to soak
Both the town and country folk
In repair bills.
And water to the brim
So sink or swim
We’re living in, a wet, wet world.

London wearing snowflakes like a robe;
Cars in Pennsylvania hitting black ice;
Weather stations all across the globe
Saying, “Better stay inside, it’s not one bit nice.”
Tsunami in Japan
Brings an economic plan, back to square 1.
So gasp and gape;
It’s taking shape;
You can’t escape, this wet, wet world.

For forty days the earth you smote
With all kinds of H2O;
Now here we are, in that same boat,
What happened to the rainbow!

People calling long-distance on Skype;
Going, “How’s the weather where you are?”
But now that question ain’t the small-talk type;
‘Cause they say, “finally we can see the sun and stars.”
Down on through the aftermath
Help each other on the path, to recovery;
All together let's work tonight
At each flood site
From depth to height of this wet, wet world.
Even so, Lord, come and right
Our wrongful plight
And reunite
Reunite this wet, wet world.
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