Photograph of Becka deHaan sitting at a piano
Wait for the Wind
Copyright © 2006 Becka deHaan

Hang on, Sister, your time has not yet come,
Though you truly are prepared to set sail.
Your route’s been chosen, the sun is overhead
And you’ve run every test completely without fail.

But this calm day it does you naught
‘Cause with no wind you’ll stay in one spot.
For the boat to go a good pace the wind must be quite strong—so just wait…
And hope it won’t take long!

Chorus: Wait for the sudden gust for your
Your confirmation;
Wait for the gentle breeze
To determine your next location.
Stay here till you get the cue to take on all you dare;
And when you’re certain of the what and how but unsure of the where,
Seek propelling guidance, without which you won’t win,
But never worry, just wait for the wind.

Hello, Brother, looks like you’re ready
To tuck away the wheels and take to the sky:
The runway’s clear and the engines fueled and running well—
Soon you’ll be thirty-five thousand feet high.

But don’t take off until you know
From which direction the wind does blow.
Go away from it, no control it will bring, but into it…
Supports you under the wings.


It’s not a passive idleness,
A patience that puts you to sleep;
But it’s an active expectancy:
All alertness you must keep!

Wait for the gust…
Wait for the breeze…
[rest of chorus]
But never worry,
Oooo never worry,
Just wait for the wind.
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