Photograph of Becka deHaan sitting at a piano
Training to Fly
Copyright © by Becka deHaan, revised 2009

There goes the alarm;
I’m not properly armed;
How can I face the day?
It’s going downhill fast;
Only a minute’s passed,
I’m already in disarray.

Didn’t you say you make all things new?
So what should I be worrying for?
Hurry up and send me the faith
And the frame of mind to soar…

Chorus: UP over the clouds, then the sun always shines;
Where I don’t have to drive in between all the lines.
But like a child I can be
Creative and free
To bring to being everything I imagine.
And as the eagle I’m high
In this summer sky
My soul to earth no longer attaching.
When my time is spent in you
I adopt your view,
And there the world fits like a glove
When seen from above.

I’ve waited long enough;
Of course my day was rough;
You didn’t deliver that mail.
But now that I’m back in bed
It’s time I cleared my head;
I know that you will prevail.

Here we are, enjoying an evening swim;
Don’t make me open my eyes.
As we progress farther from the shore
My self begins to rise!


Thank you for the pair of wings you gave with so much grace;
But still your bounty goes beyond, and meets me face to face:
Thanks for training me to fly!

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