Photograph of Becka deHaan sitting at a piano
Of the Father’s Love Begotten

Of the Father’s love begotten
Ere the worlds began to be;
He is Alpha and Omega;
He the source, the ending he
Of the things that are, that have been
And that future years shall see;
Evermore and evermore.

O that birth forever blessed
When the virgin full of grace
By the Holy Ghost conceiving
Bare the Savior of our race;
And the babe, the world’s redeemer
First revealed his sacred face;
Evermore and evermore.

This is he whom seers in old time
Chanted of with one accord;
Whom the voices of the prophets
Promised in their faithful word;
Now he shines the long expected;
Let creation praise its Lord;
Evermore and evermore.

O ye heights of heaven adore him;
Angel hosts his praises sing;
Powers, dominions bow before him
And extol our God and King.
Let no tongue on earth be silent;
Every voice in concert ring;
Evermore and evermore.
Evermore and evermore.
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