Photograph of Becka deHaan sitting at a piano
Now I Have Seen (Simeon’s Song)
Copyright © 2011 by Becka deHaan

I remember our grand old time, like it was yesterday;
Though it’s going on eighty years ago.
I was sitting in my easy chair, where I opened up the Scroll;
And your Spirit just couldn’t wait to say hello.
You told me that I’d live to greet God’s promise to the world;
I wouldn’t die until I saw your Son.
So I’ve spent my days and slept my nights, believing eagerly
That I will someday meet your Chosen One.

To this very hour, I haven’t told a soul;
Though it’s often been my only source of joy
And now your Breath has guided me into this sacred room
And there’s a couple coming with their baby boy.
Infant fingers grasp my own, amid that brilliant cry;
And I know those very hands have once held time
So back and forth I rock him, to the rhythm of the earth
Or are they his arms that carry mine?


With all these years anticipating Israel restored,
And now salvation every tribe has won:
Deep in those small eyes there glows the light to show the way,
Shining non-extinguished as the sun.

And now, o Lord, you’ve kept your word, let your servant go in peace…
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