Photograph of Becka deHaan sitting at a piano
Gotta Make a Way
Copyright © 2020 Becka deHaan

I wish I had been wiser, I wish I'd brought more oil;
My lamp has left me sitting in the dark.
But going to the store might make me miss the banquet,
And I don't think I could face something so stark.

I know the Bridegroom is coming soon;
Lord, don't let me lose my poise.
I'll rise up ‘neath the moon-lit sky,
Dancing and making a joyful noise!

Chorus: Gotta make a way, gotta make a highway;
Rough places plain, and straighten crooked pathways;
Lift valley high, bring mount and hill low;
Sound the trumpet, beat the drum,
Hear Bride and Spirit say, "Come!"

By now I could have gone for oil, and I could have made it back;
The birds have started cheering the dawn.
But even in the light of day, I won't sit back and be idle;
I gotta keep the music groovin' on.

To hail that bright moment all flesh shall see together
When Your glory is revealed;
From the housetop I'm calling out,
"He's on final approach, so let's clear the field!"


So clap your hands and sing it strong;
He could come before the end of this song!

[Chorus x2]
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