Photograph of Becka deHaan sitting at a piano
The Dawn of Midnight
Copyright © Becka deHaan, revised 2009

O to take control of time;
Skip the night and go to day.
Bid the morning bells to chime;
‘Cause this one’s had enough to say.
But not even moonlight promises to help it rearrange.

In the bedside lamp’s soft glow
Unnoticed by the spinning earth
The digits of the clock now show
A new date is at its birth.
Archiving all mistakes and mishaps safe from the display.

Chorus: Because mercies are new
With tomorrow in view
And all yesterday gone.
No more pacing about
No more shuffling in doubt
Now it’s time to walk on.
There’s hope and contentment
Now that this event in
The calendar’s started to spawn.
Though the air gives no light
Everything is in sight;
Though it’s dark, it’s the dawn
The dawn of midnight.

So much for the resolution;
Most of those goals weren’t even met.
This year’s been mainly contribution
To pain and regret.
And now it’s cold, as it has been
Even dropping a degree;
But everyone here makes a scene
To welcome in the year with glee.
And suddenly the summer sun
Is ahead and not behind;
There’s freedom of the heart to run
After all that it has pined!


Just when life is frozen, black,
Drained and without form;
God will begin to shape it back
To colours bright and warm.
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