Photograph of Becka deHaan sitting at a piano
A Sunny Storm
Copyright © 2006 by Becka deHaan

She said, “Why does the rain keep falling down on me?
They say one day it’s supposed to clear up again.
Can’t remember the last time the sky was blue.
Don’t leave me here to writhe in pain until God knows when!

But now the dawn is breaking;
I guess that means the sun is still around.
The clouds just hide it from my view;
In everything that I go through,
Show me where a beam can be found.”

Chorus: Thunder crashes into rays;
Sunlight fades away to haze;
Snowflakes swirl around to face the brightest star.
On a hot day, north winds blow;
IN a downpour, a rainbow.
Between good and bad, and bad and good is not so far;
‘Cause in its present form
Life is a sunny storm.

He said, “I want to stop the clock on days like these,
Where everything is well and going right.
I feel the sun smiling on the world;
It should last for quite awhile, there’s not a cloud in sight.

But the water cycle still continues;
Clouds are still being formed in the atmosphere.
Something’s gonna go wrong I bet,
‘Cause I know I’m not in Heaven yet,
But I’ll enjoy today while it’s clear!”


What’s with this tug of war?
When you know you’ve got the victory anyway.
When you come back
There’ll be no mistaking that.
‘Cause it’s gonna be an endlessly bright day, yeh yeh!

Oh, but for now…
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